the project

In We Want to Do More Than Survive by Bettina Love, the chapter “Freedom Dreaming,” posits that artistic mediums can be utilized as a way to express individuals’ unique narratives while shaping their visions for the future. She writes:

“Writing, drawing, acting, painting, composing, spittin’ rhymes, and/ or dancing is love, joy, and resistance personified. Art provides more to communities than just visual and sonic motifs: it is one of the key ingredients to a better world. Art that inspires for a better world. is rooted in intense design, research, and musings for justice filled with new-world possibilities. Social justice movements move people because they ignite the spirit of freedom, justice, love, and joy in all who engage with the work. Art helps people remember their dreams, hopes, and desires for a new world.”

This TLH Knowledge Project will engage with the artistic medium of zines in order to call upon our personal narratives of “new world” possibilities, for our education and beyond. This zine project poses multiple questions to its participants/contributors – how did you make your way to CUNY? What led you to pursue an education at this singular moment in history? How can we document our unique educational and personal narratives and how do these stories relate to the limitless potential of re-imaging a new CUNY? What do you envision for the future of your education and how it relates to the opportunities provided by the CUNY system? This project will incorporate various mediums of contributors’ choice such as poetry, memoir, collage, visual & digital art, as well as interviews.

who we are

Sarah Cohn

The City College of New York
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Natalie Nuzzo

Brooklyn College
Secondary English Education & English
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George Vachadze

College of Staten Island
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Roberto Visani

John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Art and Music
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